Back2toes can offer you a unique Wedding Day service. There are any number of clinics which can give you and yours a wonderful pampering treat to prepare you for the big day. Back2toes however gives you the chance to treat all your guests!

A wedding is a day to remember, a special day for you two but also for all your guests. It can also mean:

- an occasion for a special outfit, often including new (tight?) shoes

- waiting around for the happy couple to arrive at the ceremony

- standing throughout the service, often on a hard floor and sometimes in a cold church

- standing and mingling at the reception

- dancing at the after party


Often towards the end of the evening shoes are being kicked off due to aching feet and swollen ankles! How often have you seen this?

So this is where Back2toes comes in. At the reception Back2toes sets up a little stand and special chair to massage feet!  This amazing Foot Therapy is for just this kind of situation ... using the most wonderful cooling lotions with peppermint and aloe vera extracts (and if necessary this can be done through tights). Men and women, old and young love this treatment…… and your guests will love you for thinking about them with this special treat.


….. and the cost? This special Back2toes Wedding Day service is available at £100 per hour plus travelling expenses. Back2toes will travel to most locations and can work into the small hours if required although there may be a minimum stay.


If you are interested please contact Back2toes to discuss the details.

If you are not, then thank you for your interest, I hope your day runs smoothly and that it is the beginning of a wonderful life together.    


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