Occupational Massage Therapy

Occupational aches and pains are often ignored until too late and yet there is no need to grin and bear it. You need to look after your body if you expect it to look after you in the years to come  and especially if you rely on staying fit and healthy to pay the bills!

Workers in the construction industry for instance may be subjected to hard physical labour, sometimes in cold draughty conditions and working in cramped spaces. This can result in back-ache, painful knots in the shoulders and neck with tense tired muscles. A good strong massage can make such a difference, not only helping with any immediate problems but helping to prevent any future issues.

People who are on their feet all day, such as nurses, hairdressers and shop assistants, know how tired and sore feet and legs can become. Swollen ankles and aching muscles can be helped with a Thai Foot Massage. This special treatment will reduce swelling, soothe those burning soles and get you back on your feet again.

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